'The Vapor' Sconce Touch Lamp

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This vintage 'Red Dot' industrial vapor lamp was found at a salvage yard in Burbank, CA. It sits atop a hardwood base made of walnut and purpleheart inlay (natural wood - no stains used). Can be used on tabletop or wall mounted (hardware included on bottom for wall mounting-see picture #5)

NOTE: This is a listing for 1 individual lamp. However, there are 2 matching pcs available. Although there are SLIGHT differences in the lanterns/woodgrain, they were made to be as identical as possible for a beautiful matching set (perfect for each side of the bed!). Please contact me directly for a discount if buying the pair together.

Simply tap the metal vapor lamp housing to enjoy a warm glow of light at the brightness you desire! Each tap will increase the bulb brightness (3 levels), and will not shut off until tapped a 4th time. 

  • Entirely hand-crafted in my shop (with exception to the bulb!)
  • Vapor lamp securely attached to base via discreet hardware (no adhesives used)
  • Vintage 60W 'Edison' light bulb (Included)
  • Custom 7' long vintage style white/black cotton fabric cord w/ 2 prong plug
  • 3 way dimmer switch wired in base (Low-Medium-High-Off)
  • Base bottom features surface pads & access panel (w/ date of manufacture & serial #)
  • Wood and metal have been properly sealed for safe use in your home
  • All electronic hardware is UL-listed and rated at 120V only

Beautiful art and functionality combined! For reference, at the lowest (1st tap) setting, these will emit a warm soft amber glow that is enough light to navigate a dark room without disturbing other sleepyheads. The highest setting (3rd tap) is bright enough to comfortably read nearby. Although the bulbs are rated at 60W, they generally emit the light output of a 40W bulb (some wattage is lost to heat due to the nature of a tungsten filament bulb).

Dimensions: 10" L x 6" W x 6" H 

Weight: 8 lbs

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please let us know within 30 days and we will refund your order if a solution cant be reached.
If at ANY time there is an issue (defect) with the functionality of the lamp, please let us know, as we will repair it free of charge.

Shipping & Handling

All lamps will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Depending on destination, flat rate boxes may be used if is the cheaper alternative to save your cost. Please let us know if you are needing the lamp in a more timely manner. We do our best to ship the lamp out within 1-2 business days.


This lamp uses all UL-Listed components and is wired in accordance with NEC regulations. Use with caution and away from liquids, as you would with any electrical product. The buyer is solely responsible for determining that any lamp is suitable and/or safe for his or her intended use. OBP will not be responsible for any loss or damage(s) resulting from the use or misuse of any items sold. A 60W Edison style (tungsten filament) bulb is recommended to compliment the era of this lamp, but any dimmable bulb up to 150W may be used.